Restore Foodware

We all want clean oceans... to get there, we need products that work.

Restore Foodware
It started with an idea.
When we started in a garage 2003, we believed that to make scalable environmental change, we needed to make sustainable products that were as good as the non-sustainable products they were replacing.
We believe the same thing today.
We just had to learn how to make a material that life makes in the ocean: we call it AirCarbon®.
“We don’t have endless time, we have got to fix this and we have got to fix this now”
Mark Herrema, Co-Founder & CEO
Restore Foodware
Restore Straws

From garage
to AirCarbon

It took us over 50 patents and 10 years of research, but eventually we found what we were looking for:
AirCarbon, a strong, regenerative material made by life found in the ocean as well as most living things...a material that can replace synthetic plastic.

“Game-changer in the field of clean energy technology and business transformation”

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit
Restore Foodware

Finally, Eagle 3

In 2020, we brought our Eagle 3 production facility online in Southern California, enabling us to produce AirCarbon at commercial scale and start to create the impact we originally set out to achieve.

The problem is vast, and one straw or one fork is small, but that is what gives us hope.

By our actions, one at a time, we can stop the flow of synthetic plastic into the environment.
Restore Foodware

This generation

By 2050, at the world's current pace, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We can't let that happen.

Our plan is to use AirCarbon to launch over 90% of the foodware types that end up in the ocean, starting with straws and cutlery, to show that it is possible to end the accumulation of synthetic plastic from foodware in the ocean in this generation.

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